Project Description


ACHIEVE MORE… with less energy!

Although albatrosses, who can weigh up to 12 kg, are considered among the heaviest flying birds and because their wingspan exceeds 3.5 meters, they are considered larger than any other bird species, they are surprisingly energy efficient. These extreme flyers glide for days over the oceans and accumulate tens of thousands of kilometers without becoming exhausted. A clever combination of anatomy and technique gain this Albatros energy saving records.


WINEMA Maschinenbau GmbH’s new ALBTROZZ-line offers energy-efficient technology based on the Albatros principle: Existing energy is optimally used and combined with the latest technology. This provides an enormous savings potential and opens up new horizons.

This was realized just recently with a Bosch Rexroth, at a hydraulic power pack on our drive station. Equipped with a frequency converter and an intelligent program control, the engine only generates as much power as is needed for the current processing. Without renouncing necessary power reserves, this system regulates so efficiently that the drive unit requires up to 25 % less energy.

This type of energy management is DIN ISO 50001 compliant and can help you obtain your power savings goals. Talk to us – together we can reach new horizons with less energy!

  • Valuable contribution to energy management
    according to DIN ISO 50001

  • Optimal use of existing energy
  • Example: a new energy-efficient hydraulic unit
  • Intelligent control of the pump power at the optimum operating point by load-dependent controlled power output.
  • Reduction of noise emission
  • Fast amortization due to considerable electricity savings
BROCHURE Albatrozz