We have produced manufacturing machines for 50 years and build highly complex tool manufacturing and rotary indexing machines for you, so you can work quickly and economically with a variety of workpieces.


Eckhard Neth
Eckhard NethManagement & Technical Management (CEO)

Martina Neth
Martina NethCommercial Management (CFO)


Tobias Rapp
Tobias RappSales Manager
Bernd Aicher
Bernd AicherTechnical Sales
Peter Gette
Peter GetteTechnical Sales

Operations and service

Erk Richter
Erk RichterOperations Manager
Eduard Krenz
Eduard KrenzElectrical Engineering
Rustam Bajmuldinov
Rustam BajmuldinovCommissioning & Service
Christoph Langenstein
Christoph LangensteinCommissioning & Service

Commercial Assistant & Switchboard

Lisa Breimesser
Lisa BreimesserCommercial Assistant & Switchboard
Marie Schweizer
Marie SchweizerPurchasing
Sigrid Marx
Sigrid MarxCommercial Assistant & Switchboard
Katrin Mayer
Katrin MayerCreditor account department

Design & Engineering

Lothar Staiger
Lothar StaigerEngineering
Nico Schweiger
Nico SchweigerEngineering
Ottmar Bergau
Ottmar BergauEngineering & AV
Dietmar Strobel
Dietmar StrobelProduction manager
Michael Sauter
Michael SauterEngineering
Markus Eppler
Markus EpplerEngineering

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