Project Description


WINEMA’s RV30 Flexmaster expands the Flexmaster concept for the production of medium and large workpieces with diameters between 20 – 50 mm. Just like the entire RV series, the new RV30 is also constructed for maximum output with exemplary equipping capabilities. The 10 clamping stations combined with the optional 3 axle units situated horizontally and axially offer the best prerequisites for the machining of more complex components. A growing number of models, shorter product life cycles, modifications of the component, new materials: With the Winema RV30 Flexmaster you can adjust to the changing requirements of the market and still produce quantities which used to be exclusively achieved by cam-controlled machines.

The machine concept is designed mainly for the chip processing machining of workpieces in one clamping. The typical size of parts for this machine ranges in diameter from diameters between 15 mm and 45 mm and up to a length of 200 mm. The material is loaded directly into the chuck from either bar, supplied via the Winema feeder or pressed parts. The workpiece can be worked on at each station from up to 3 sides at once. The station with the longest processing time determines the cycle time. The workpiece can be turned at fixed stations or it can also be repositioned. If necessary, the clamping force for finishing can be reduced. All machining units are CNC-controlled with hydraulic drives and direct measuring systems.
– Basis for the precise machining are the machine bed and the two unit carriers.
– the design of the welding and cast construction with the support of current FEM calculations and simulation ensure the best possible geometric precision.
– The functional and attractive machine design allows the best accessibility for individual machine equipment and maintenance tasks.
– Best possible seal on the machine doors by pneumatically applied seals.
– Shavings in the work area are funnelled into the shavings conveyor installed in the centre of the machine.
The machine is equipped with a vertical indexing table with 10 clamping stations. The workpieces are clamped into 2 precise two-jaw chucks. The interface developed by Winema for the top jaws allows the replacement of the jaws in a few minutes with only two screws. Once they are clamped, there is a maximum of 18 axial and 4 radial units available. In addition to this, a contour lathe can be installed in front of the switch instead of the bar feeding system (diameters of up to 24 mm), so that the exterior contour or parts thereof can be machined, which will later be in the clamping area.
This station was also developed for the WINEMA RV30 and combines the rod feeder with a plunger operation, before the workpiece is tensioned in the clamping table. This means that the plunging in front of the clamping plate cannot only be carried out when manufacturing off coils, but also when working off the bar without producing long remaining pieces. The workpiece is clamped tightly in a standard clamping vice during the plunging process.
The saw console and the saw carriage are installed in pretensioned roller guides. The create an extremely stable unit allowing a smooth linear saw cut. The length positioning as well as the saw feeder can be controlled via CNC.
The RV30 Flexmaster offers the possibility to carry out radial drilling and milling operations at up to 4 stations (thread milling or contour milling). A flange-mounted angle head allows machining such as the milling of wrench sizes, polygon milling, slotting, front side partial circle drilling, contour milling etc.
Just like the RV10, based on its special machine design, the RV30 offers the ideal conditions for double machining of workpieces: the simultaneous feed of 2 workpieces or bar at two different clamping stations.
The double switching allows an optimized assignment of the 10 clamping stations. This model allows 2 radial machining processes for each workpiece. Also, 2 front spindle units can be placed in front of the indexing table. This model also allows double productions of more complex workpieces.
  • Max. workpiece diameter:
    bar 15mm
    single part 50mm

  • Max. workpiece length: 200 mm
  • Clamping stations: 10
  • Output parts per minute: 4-50
  • Machining units: max. 22 (18 axial, 4 radial)
  • Max stroke machining units (standard): 90 mm
  • Clamping: hydraulic jaws/collets
  • Control: CNC Bosch MTX
  • Quill feed: CNC
  • Weight (depending on equipment): 17000 kg
  • Dimensions (machine only): 3,07m x 1,85m x 3,04m