Project Description


The RV 10 Flexmaster is the further developed Flexmaster concept for smaller parts. This rotary indexing machine is designed for a maximum output with high cycle times and short set-up times. The first glance into the machining area shows a clean and very structured working area with all working units easily accessible for the workers. The RV 10 Flexmaster is the answer to increasing numbers of set-ups needed due to faster changing variations of parts, to shorter life cycles of parts and to new and more difficult materials. With these new rotary indexing machines, you will be able to meet the demands of the changing markets and still achieve the high outputs of mechanical transfer machines.

This rotary indexing machine is mainly designed for chip processing machining of workpieces in one clamping. The typical sizes of parts for this machine are diameters between 2 mm and to 13 mm and lengths of up to 80 mm. All working units are CNC-controlled with hydraulic feed and direct measuring system.

RV 10 Flexmaster achieves sensationally short cycle times due to the dynamic direct drive of the indexing table; the indexing time of the table is under 0.3 seconds.

The standing indexing table has 10 clamping stations with centric clamping jaws. The workpiece can be processed with a maximum of 18 axial and 4 radial machining units.

In addition to these units, the RV 10 Flexmaster offers the possibility to add a plunge cut unit which allows to plunge cut the bar before it is clamped and provides the opportunity to clamp the workpiece on the diameter already finished with the plunge cut unit.

With this unit, the plunge cut can be machined not only by feeding from the ring but also with feeding by bar without producing remaining pieces that are very long. During the machining, the workpiece is clamped in a standard collet chuck.

The saw feed can be equipped with a hydraulic sensor or as fully CNC controlled axes. This allows to freely program positions and speed of the saw, for example for the sawing of pipes with thin walls.
The RV10 Flexmaster offers the possibility to carry out milling and drilling operations with up to 4 radial stations (thread milling and contour milling). Thanks to a flange angular head operations such as milling widths, polygonal milling, slotting, drilling partial front, milling circular contour, etc. can be carried out.
An important issue of the specifications in the development of the machine was the double processing of workpieces: The RV 10 Flexmaster was designed to be able to machine two parts at the same time. Therefore it is possible to feed two bars at the same time and to use 5 stations axial and 2 Stations radial for each part. It is even possible to mount two plunge cut units in front of the indexing table.
With this new rotary indexing machine even more complex parts can be worked with double feeding. Even two different parts can be machined at the same time. This is very interesting if sets of parts are needed.

Sample applications


  • Max. workpiece diameter:
    bar 13 mm
    single part 16 mm

  • Max. workpiece length: 80 mm
  • Clamping stations: 10
  • Output parts per minute: 4-50 pieces
    Double feeding: 10-80 pieces

  • Machining units: max. 22 (18 axial, 4 radial)
  • Max stroke machining units (standard): 90 mm
  • Clamping: hydraulic jaws/ collets
  • Control: CNC Bosch MTX
  • Quill feed: CNC
  • Weight (depending on equipment): 6.500 kg
  • Dimensions (machine only): 2,4m x 1,2m x 2,1m